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Looking for a New Hobby? Why Battlefield Laser Tag Is Perfect

Battlefield Laser Tag briefing at Go Laser Tag London

Laser tag is by no means a new activity. Battlefield laser tag, on the other hand, is a bigger and better version that combines advanced technology with large outdoor environments. Laser tag is suitable for both adults and children, making it an ideal hobby for people of all ages to enjoy with friends or family members.

In years gone by, the term “laser tag” was synonymous with the indoor version, usually comprising close-quarters environments, lots of flashing lights and a space or sci-fi theme. Because of this, you may well have overlooked laser tag as an activity that can be played at a high level and regularly enjoyed as a hobby.

Thanks to the evolution of modern technology, laser tag equipment is now highly efficient and responsive. Here at GO Laser Tag London, we have a huge facility that provides players with a forest battlefield environment to explore and do battle – much better than laser quasar, right?

In this post, we’ll highlight a few of the benefits of laser tag and why it’s a brilliant choice for anyone looking to take on a new hobby.

What Is Battlefield Laser Tag?

Laser tag shares many similarities with activities like paintball, but it previously lacked the quality of technology needed to function efficiently in a similar environment. At GO Laser Tag, our players use the most up-to-date and advanced equipment. This not only ensures that the guns record “shots” and deal damage accurately, but it also allows players to gain personalised game stats, such as their kill count and kill/death ratio.

In battlefield laser tag, players are kitted out with ninja camouflage suits and armed with three different laser tag guns. From there, two teams will go head-to-head in a variety of game types that take place in and around our large forest facility.

It’s Not Your Average Team Sport

When you hear the term “team sport”, you might think of football, rugby, basketball and similar activities. In fact, laser tag may not spring to mind at all – but it should! Battlefield laser tag isn’t just more fun when you implement team tactics; it’s an essential aspect of winning or losing. While you can adopt a Rambo-esque lone-wolf playing style, you’ll find that teaming up will give you a much more enjoyable experience – and up your chances of winning!

As we said, battlefield laser tag is suitable for anyone aged six and above. This means your team can consist of friends, family members, colleagues or anyone else you feel like stepping onto the battlefield with. Although kids’ laser tag is undoubtedly the most popular, we’ve also catered for an abundance of stag and hen dos, corporate laser tag events and other special occasions.

Laser Tag Is Suitable for Children and Adults

Laser tag is a non-impact, non-contact sport, making it suitable for both children (ages 6+) and adults. This not only means that it’s popular among different age groups, but it’s also the perfect activity if you’re looking for a sport that will allow a broader range of people to play together.

With this in mind, you’ll know that by adopting battlefield laser tag as a hobby, you will always be able to recruit new players to tag along, regardless of their ages. This is especially beneficial for players with younger siblings and other family members who are eager to get involved. Battlefield laser tag is also the perfect activity for a regular family day out, especially since every player receives FREE pizza from Pizza Hut – that means you’ll avoid any arguments about where to go for dinner afterwards!

Battlefield Laser Tag = Plenty of Time Outdoors

Throughout the digital age, technology has continued to evolve to provide a consistent stream of tech-based resources, gadgets and methods of entertainment. There’s no doubt this has improved many aspects of everyday life, as well as pretty much every industry, but in the process, it’s also significantly increased the amount of time people spend in front of screens and decreased the time people spend outside.

Granted, not everyone is particularly fond of roaming the great outdoors in their spare time, but doing so has a positive impact on your physical and mental health. The obvious culprits are binge-watching Netflix and the hours upon hours of scrolling through your social media feeds, but it’s often the case that even when exercising, many people spend little to no time outside – which is a shame when you consider that it has such a significant impact on your mind, body and mood.

Fortunately, battlefield laser tag at GO Laser Tag London takes place in a vast forest environment, which players can explore and use to their advantage through a variety of game types. This location, combined with the style of gameplay, makes the experience all the more immersive, encouraging players to fully embrace their surroundings. Taking on laser tag as a hobby provides you with an ideal excuse to spend time outdoors regularly, and it just so happens to be tons of fun too.

Laser Tag Is a Great Workout

We’ve already touched on the benefits of exercising outdoors and why laser tag is an excellent hobby in this regard, but it’s also worth highlighting the specific ways battlefield laser tag is beneficial for health and fitness.

The first and most obvious fitness benefit is cardio. Laser tag requires plenty of movement, often in the form of explosive bursts between cover and sprints – well, unless you want to be a sitting duck. Over the course of your two-hour session, you’ll burn fat and calories, increase your lung capacity and much more, all of which will enhance your endurance for workouts and other sports.

Strength and conditioning is another vital aspect of maintaining and fit and healthy body. If you’re not fond of lifting weights or have become a bit bored with your regular fitness regime, you’ll be glad to hear that laser tag provides an effective full-body workout. Good examples include bodyweight squats (regularly crouching) and burpees (switching from standing to prone stance and vice versa).

Why Choose GO Laser Tag London?

Our battlefield laser tag experience is the result of six years of time, effort and development to ensure that we give players an unrivalled experience and provide the highest-quality equipment and a vast and immersive environment. At GO Laser Tag London, we offer realistic combat scenarios across a range of exciting game types.

Thanks to a selection of weapons to choose from, players can also adopt their preferred playing style. Whether you want to pick enemies off with a long-range sniper rifle, run-and-gun with an assault rifle or provide suppressing fire with an LMG (light machine gun), we’ve got you covered!

While we strive to make battlefield laser tag as immersive and exciting as possible, it doesn’t mean we forego safety to achieve our goal. The safety of our players is paramount, which is why our staff will be on hand to make sure every game runs smoothly and that every player remains safe throughout. We carry out regular checks and maintenance of our facility, ensuring sure that the forest environment is totally hazard-free. Don’t worry; you won’t find boobytraps or claymore mines.

Are you looking for a new hobby? It doesn’t get more exciting and unique than battlefield laser tag. Schedule your laser tag session today or get in touch if you have any questions!

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