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Choice of 3 Guns – Outdoor Laser Tag Games

Latest ‘Fortnite’ computer game inspired weaponry

GO Laser Tag London are proud to provide the latest in Laser Tag weaponry and technology for our customers. All 3 of our weapon variants are lightweight, manoeuvrable and top of the range – they really are on a whole different level compared to what you may have used or seen elsewhere!

Themed and inspired by ‘Fortnite’ and FPS shooters, GO Laser Tag London’s players have a full arsenal of 3 different weapons to choose from throughout their games with us.

Gone are the days when each player only has the choice of one basic Laser Tag gun. All of our Outdoor Laser Tag Guns have varying stats (rate of fire, ‘damage’, reload times, magazine sizes etc), meaning that each gun variant performs completely differently. The main benefit of this is that everyone can play with 3 completely different guns for their Laser Tag games, mixing up play styles and changing how games play out, depending on what Laser Gun you have.

So whether you see yourself laying down rapid covering fire for your friends, being that deadly and sneaky sniper, or your squad’s objective-playing run and gunner – just like computer games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty or Battlefield – each player can choose a Laser Tag weapon option that suits their strengths and their play style to help their team to victory!

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Covid19 Update: Outdoor ‘Organised Team Sports’ are exempt from the ‘rule of 6’. Larger groups welcome!

Laser Tag Scoped Assault Rifle

Scoped Assault Rifle

Our Scoped Assault Rifles are the workhorse of a squad’s armoury and should be your go-to for a multitude of situations. Offering moderate ‘damage’, mixed with a mid-range fire rate, a good magazine size with quick reloads – this really is an epic all-rounder.

Damage 10 Health Points per Hit
Rate of Fire 550 Rounds per Minute / Full Auto
Magazine Size 30 Rounds per Magazine
Reload Time 4 Seconds to Reload

Laser Tag Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Semi-Auto Sniper Rifle

Our deadly Sniper Rifle is a ‘hard-hitting’, long-range weapon that is ideal if you are looking to keep your distance and pick your shots. Dishing out massive ‘damage’ per shot this weapon can be a game changer in the right hands, but vulnerable at closer ranges due to its semi-automatic fire rate.

Damage 20 Health Points per Hit
Rate of Fire 250 Rounds per Minute / Semi-Auto
Magazine Size 10 Rounds per Magazine
Reload Time 4 Seconds to Reload

Laser Tag Light Machine Gun

Light Machine Gun

Our beastly Light Machine Gun really is a head-turner – it packs a massive 100 rounds into a magazine and fires at ridiculous speeds! This allows the operator to make game changing plays or lay down incredible amounts of covering fire to help their squad – just don’t get caught with no support when reloading!

Damage 10 Health Points per Hit
Rate of Fire 1000 Rounds per Minute / Full Auto
Magazine Size 100 Rounds per Magazine
Reload Time 8 Seconds to Reload

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