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What is Forest Laser Tag?

The Best in Outdoor Laser Tag Games for All Ages

Laser Tag has come on a long way in the past few years, and its evolution is continuing – camo’d up outdoors in the forest! No longer does Laser Tag have the ‘Laser Quest / Quasar’ style stigma of before, with its day-glow outfits, neon lights and cheap bulky equipment.

After 6 years in development waiting for the right equipment to finally launch, GO Laser Tag London was born, bringing a brand new way of enjoying this awesome, adrenaline pumping activity to our scenic forest venue, GO Action Forest.

Players are kitted up with Camouflage Ninja Suits, armed with 3 different Laser Tag Guns and will play a multitude of varied game types on our professionally designed Forest Laser Tag arenas.

Being 100% safe and completely ‘no-impact’ means that players aged 6 and up, along with players who don’t like the idea of getting hit with a Paintball, can all get fully immersed without a worry – making Forest Laser Tag the most ‘inclusive’ activity possible, from young kids’ Laser Tag birthday parties, family fun days out to corporate adult Laser Tag events!

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Tripadvisor ‘Travellers choice’ Award Winner in 2023! No minimum player numbers needed 🙌

How Outdoor Forest Laser Tag Works –

‘Health Points’, ‘Damage’ and ‘Respawns’

  1. 1All players and their equipment start a Laser Tag Game with 100 Health Points, and in general 5 lives.

  2. 2During each game players are trying to achieve set objectives as a team to win, which vary massively depending on the game type. These will be explained for each game type by our staff.

  3. 3When a player is ‘shot’ by an opposition player, they take ‘damage’, i.e 10 points of damage with one shot.

  4. 4The amount of damage a player receives depends on which Laser Tag weapon variant shot them (we have 3 varied gun types with different stats; see them all here)

  5. 5Once a player has received a full 100 Damage points, they are eliminated, lose 1 life and are unable to shoot again until they ‘Respawn’ – their gun will let them know by shouting “man down, man down!” and flashing red.

  6. 6The shooting player’s gun will also tell them “Target Eliminated!”/ “Double/Triple Kill!”, etc.

  7. 7Eliminated players then run back to their nearest ‘Respawn’ point, and are respawned by a member of staff, putting them right back in the game minus one life.

  8. 8Once a player has lost all five lives, they are fully eliminated and are unable to be respawned.

  9. 9Once the game type’s objective has been achieved by one team (using teamwork, communication and leadership skills), then that game will end.

  10. 10Each player’s gun tracks all individual and team stats for each game, including kills, K/D ratio, etc.

  11. 11In general you’ll play 5-6 games in a 2-hour session, over three different and varied game types.

  12. 12Being a Laser Tag hero gets adrenaline pumping and is so much fun, but it can make for hungry work – so all of our forest Laser Tag sessions give you access to a huge 30% off Papa Johns pizzas!

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Tripadvisor ‘Travellers choice’ Award Winner in 2023! No minimum player numbers needed 🙌

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GO Laser Tag is London’s nearest outdoor Laser Tag venue, and perfectly located for Surrey and Kent. Free car parking is available and train Stations are a short walk away.

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You’ll be armed with the freshest kit in the industry at the very best Laser Tag prices. All 2 hour Forest sessions also give you access to a huge 30% off Papa Johns pizzas, so you can keep everyone well fuelled until home time.

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We are one of the only venues in the world to offer our players 3 varied gun options to use, all gaming inspired and all free of charge! Select a gun to suit your play style and help your Squad succeed.

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