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Planning a Kids Birthday Party? 4 Reasons to Choose Laser Tag

Are you planning a kids birthday party but are yet to find a suitable activity? Look no further! Laser tag is the perfect way for kids to celebrate a special occasion, spend time with their friends and immerse themselves in a safe yet authentic combat environment.

Every child’s needs and interests are unique, but fortunately, we live in an era where the options are endless when it comes to leisure activities. As the kids get older, you might find planning a birthday party can get more difficult, especially if a cake and a few rounds of pass the parcel will no longer fit the bill.

In this post, we’ll list a few reasons why laser tag is the ideal activity for kids birthday parties.

1. It’s an Excuse to Spend Some Time Outside

In the digital age, with such a wide range of advanced technology available, today’s youth are consistently provided with new and exciting forms of entertainment. Unfortunately, this makes it all the more appealing to spend less time outside, which contrasts significantly to the past, when previous generations would spend a significant amount of time enjoying the great outdoors.

At Go Laser Tag, we have created the most immersive and engaging laser tag experience, and a key part of being able to achieve this is our huge outdoor forest facility. With this, we can provide players with an authentic battlefield environment as they embark on a day of realistic combat. Not only will your kids benefit from the fun of the activity itself, but they also get to enjoy a rare and unique opportunity to explore the woods.

2. Suitable for a Variety of Age Groups (Ages 6+)

When it comes to planning a kids birthday party, finding an activity that suits everyone’s needs and age can sometimes be difficult. Unlike other combat-style sports, laser tag uses tech-based weaponry, rather than projectiles. This means that it’s a lot safer, making it suitable for a broader range of age groups. As long as your kids are over the age of six, they’re good to go!

The fact that laser tag is fitting for a variety of ages makes it ideal for inviting a wider range of your child’s friends – and bringing a few parents into the mix too. Laser tag thrives on technology and tactics – not strength and size – creating a more level playing field for kids and adults compared to other sports. It’s the perfect birthday activity, regardless of who you decide to invite.

3. Fortnite-Inspired Laser Tag

Unless you’ve been living under a rock or have no access to the internet, you will have heard of Fortnite, the latest, and arguably the most popular, video game in recent memory. It’s a battle-royale themed game that’s taken the gaming community by storm, proving to be a massive hit among kids and adults alike.

We recognise how popular games like Fortnite are and strive to embrace gaming culture, which is why we implement certain elements into our laser tag experiences. One of the key ways we achieve this is with our Fortnite-inspired weapons – a scoped assault rifle, semi-auto sniper rifle and light machine gun (LMG) – which not only give kids the thrill of a real-life Fortnite experience but also allow participants to try out a range of playing styles.

4. Fully Inclusive, Easy-to-Organise Kids Laser Tag Parties

At Go Laser Tag, we take great pride in providing an unrivalled laser tag experience and fantastic customer service. Our kids’ laser tag party packages offer a fully inclusive day out for special occasions and birthdays. When you book a kids party at Go Laser Tag, you’ll get the following:

Are you planning a kids birthday party and need activity ideas? Look no further! Go Laser Tag provides one of the UK’s most unique and exciting laser tag experiences and creates specialist packages for kids birthday parties. Get in touch today to book a day of laser tag or for further information.

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