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How to Play Laser Tag Like a Pro

Forest Laser tag aiming

Although it’s a fun activity perfect for a light-hearted day out with friends, you definitely want to be on the winning team and the player with the highest kill count. Listen up for some useful tips from GO Laser Tag London’s experts so that you can learn how to play laser tag like a pro.

Much like many other leisure activities, laser tag is a sport that is played at a professional level and provides the ideal platform to develop a brand new skill set. Of course, the primary objective of a day of laser tag is to have fun, but you’ll find that putting the advice in this post into practice will prove to be a brilliant way of making each game more immersive and engaging. You’ll also have a much better chance of winning, which is never a bad thing!

Work as a Team but Split Up

Sounds completely contradictory, doesn’t it? In laser tag, it makes a lot of sense to work together when determining tactics and manoeuvres, but moving around as a pack will likely just have the effect of making your team more visible. Splitting up instantly gives you more options when it comes to flanking, ambushing and raiding enemy HQs, and it also ensures that you and your comrades aren’t bunched together and easily picked off by an opposing sharpshooter.

Stay Low and Move Quietly

Making yourself as difficult to hit as possible is a crucial aspect of playing laser tag like a pro, and you can achieve this by staying as low to the ground as possible at all times. The best example of this is the “crouch walk” that you will have seen military folk using in your favourite films and TV shows. It’s an effective way of keeping low while maintaining a solid stance for accurate shooting, as well as allowing you to move in any direction or hit the deck at a moment’s notice.

Staying low as you move will also have the added benefit of making sure that each step is controlled and quiet. At GO Laser Tag London, our forest battle environment may well be enormous, but you’ll be surprised how easy it is to hear every single sound – such as sticks snapping under the weight of a particularly clumsy step.

Familiarise Yourself with Your Surroundings

GO Laser Tag London is one of the biggest and most immersive forest facilities in the UK, so naturally, it will take some time to familiarise yourself with every nook and cranny of our battlefield. But in doing so, you’ll gain a substantial tactical advantage, as not only will you know which areas will suit you the most when the time comes to flank enemies or make a run for objectives (capture the flag), but you’ll also be able to keep your bearings in the midst of a firefight.

Be Patient and Use Your Ears

There’s no doubt your parents and countless others will have, at some point, uttered the words “patience is a virtue” – but it’s something you should always keep in mind when you’re playing laser tag. By rushing into a combat situation, you may catch a few players off-guard and get a few kills, but you’ll also sacrifice any opportunity for stealthy tactics and remaining undetected. Taking your time, observing your surroundings and listening carefully, on the other hand, will benefit you in both offensive and defensive combat scenarios. We mentioned that moving quietly is essential, but not every player will adopt a stealthy playing style – using your ears and waiting for other players to reveal their positions will put you at a significant advantage.

Now that you know how to play laser tag like a pro, it’s time to put the theory in practice. Get in touch with GO Laser Tag London today if you have any questions and to check dates and book a session via our website.

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